Marshanski Group

Amit Marshanski

Founder & CEO

Marshanski Group is the leading authority in Luxury Building for over twenty years. We are committed to building elegant and sophisticated masterpieces without compromise. No detail is too small and no vision is beyond our reach.

Every project we complete is unique, both in design and in inspiration. Our team of architects, contractors and designers are all masters in their respected fields. Marshanski’s commitment and dedication knows no bounds.

Our team of experts works flawlessly to ensure precise and harmonic coordination between all professionals working on the project to ensure every product meets and exceeds our clients' expectations. We oversee the quality & integrity of the construction and provide a full and extended guarantee of our work even after completion.

Here at Marshanski Group we provide attentive personalized care to each one of our clients. We strive for excellence and spare no cost in ensuring the highest quality of service is met, as well as delivering vast and transparent advice honing on knowledge three generations in the making.

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